Evacuation System Cleaner Concentrate

This extremely low-foaming formulation is designed to clean evacuation systems thoroughly and economically.

DentalEZ The J/V-Generation

DentalEZ combined the thin, narrow back and independent seat tilt of the famous J-Chair with the flexibility of the split-back V-Chair

Alliance Model 1250 Dental Unit

Straight Asepsis tubing for three handpieces

Dispensing Gun

T-0619 Dispensing Gunhe dispensing gun is used to extrude impression materials and bite registration materials from cartridges.

Star Dental Prophy Hygiene Pack

Prophy Hygiene Packs are affordable and versatile!

Belmont BelmaX

Digital Panoramic/Cephalometric X-Ray

Bien Air Dental Bora L Blackline

Carbon fibre handle LED light

Value Equipment Package

Includes delivery and installation in Greater Toronto Area!

Dental Floss

Easy and comfortable to use, especially for patients with tight contacts

HC9022 MK-Dent Prime Line (w/ Light)

The Prime Line of MK-Dent does not only set a new quality standard, but its sound potential is unequaled. Even Low Speed Instruments cannot match this noise level.